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I am trying to get the sum of two different fields from different tables but no matter what i do one of the fields gets doubled. Below is my statement. Any help would be greatly appreciated it!

SELECT subq.[Opportunity ID], 
       sum(subq.[Buy Price]) as [Buy Price], 
       sum(subq.ProjectAmt) as [ProjectAmt]
FROM ( SELECT Distinct s.[Opportunity ID] as [Opportunity ID], 
                       s.[Buy Price] as [Buy Price], 
                       i.[ProjectAmt] as [ProjectAmt]
       FROM SF_SKU_Data s
       Inner join [ProjectInvoice] i on i.[Opportunity ID] = s.[Opportunity ID]
       Group by  s.[Opportunity ID],  s.[Buy Price], i.[ProjectAmt]
     ) AS subq
GROUP BY subq.[Opportunity ID]
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Is your join one-to-one, or is it possibly a one-to-many? i.e. do you have multiple rows in ProjectInvoice or SF_SKU_Data for each Oppurtunity ID? – APrough Mar 28 '12 at 13:18

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