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I get a Short Diplay name and i need to get enum value using it?

[Display(Name = "Alabama", ShortName = "AL")]
        Alabama = 1,

i just get AL from outside database. I need to read somehow my enum and get a proper value. Thanks for any help guys.

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You can use the Enum.Parse or Enum.TryParse methods of the Enum class.


CountryCodeEnum value = (CountryCodeEnum)Enum.Parse(SomeEnumStringValue);
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Enum.Parse doesn't pay any attention to the attributes of an enumeration. If you gave it "AL" instead of Alabama (as the OP indicated), it wouldn't parse it. –  vcsjones Mar 26 '12 at 15:08

If you are given the value AL, and you want to find the enum value that has that attribute, you can use a little bit of reflection to figure that out.

Let's say our enum looks like this:

public enum Foo
    [Display(Name = "Alabama", ShortName = "AL")]
    Alabama = 1,

Here is a little code to get the Foo which has an attribute of ShortName = 'AL':

var shortName = "AL"; //Or whatever
var fields = typeof (Foo).GetFields(BindingFlags.Static | BindingFlags.Public);
var values = from f
                in fields
            let attribute = Attribute.GetCustomAttribute(f, typeof (DisplayAttribute)) as DisplayAttribute
            where attribute != null && attribute.ShortName == shortName
            select f.GetValue(null);
    //Todo: Check that "values" is not empty (wasn't found)
    Foo value = (Foo)values.First();
    //value will be Foo.Alabama.
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