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I am using RMySQL to fetch some rows from a data table (the table is large so I cannot post it here but basically contains a bunch of numbers.. a total of 10 columns and about 12,000 rows). I get the following error when I run fetch(con, n=-1): RS-DBI driver warning: (error while fetching rows) and the server returns only 1713 rows.

If I get rid of some of the columns being fetched then this seems to work fine. Does anyone know what this can be related to? I don't even know where to start debugging. Could this be a server-side setting? My R session has more than enough memory (20 gigs).

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Is each column a number, or a list of numbers? That is, how many bytes are in each column?

I've run into this problem before, and when I've hit it, it was because I was trying to pull too much data too fast. I've found that in those cases, making multiple calls with smaller values of n can sometimes work. Then again, the rows in the databases I've had trouble with have been huge

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will give this a try! – Alex Feb 28 '13 at 5:52

A better soultion is instead of n=-1 try putting a very large number like n=1000000. The error did not come atfer I used this. In my case the number of rows I fetched was 1.13 millions

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