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I need to develop an application for paper based data entry forms. Are there any VCL based controls that support this?

I need something that:

  • Includes some type of form designer for creating the form definition
  • Supports updating of fields on the form as other fields are updated. For example the field has a + b = c. As the user enters the values for a and b, c should be updated. The library just needs to give me a way to write my own functions behind the form.
  • Supports transferring common values between pages in the report.
  • is wysiwyg
  • support graphics
  • supports PDF generation
  • shows the entire report as one complete document. Clicking on a menu to show one page one page at a time will not work.

I have a set of a couple hundred forms. The user can pick individual forms and add them to the current document in any order.

I'm just looking for a base to get me started. There will be a lot of work to integrate my business logic. Normal Delphi forms will not work because there are way to many controls for a standard report if normal text edit controls are created.

There are some bigger enterprise type frameworks out there - i.e. Microsoft InfoPath and Adobe LifeCycle Forms. I'm looking for something that would be deployed with a stand alone Delphi application.

I'm expecting it to be commercial (paid) component and would prefer something that is active and well supported, hopefully with source.

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I believe PDFinaBox supports what your looking for. I used it previously for dynamic PDF generation, but I believe there was support also for PDF forms and the ability to handle edit validation.

(correction, further research showed that the library can only be used for creating PDF files/forms and is a code only approach. I will leave the answer here for reference purposes since it does answer the pdf generation portion of your question).

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Take a look at WPTools at http://www.wpcubed.com/products/wptools/index.htm. It may be able to answer the things you are looking for. Hope this helps.

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The VCL Printing System from DevExpress may help here as well.

You can set up a TForm and print the form right on to the paper. Your data entry form can then use standards Delphi controls or the DevExpress Editor library controls (data-aware and non-data aware) for the user to enter information on screen. You can set-up your business logic as required.

Then you place a TcxComponentPrinter component on the form and you can select which components are to be printed on the page. You might not need to print the TLabel components on the paper but you need them on the form so the users know what field they are entering data for. Each component on the form can be turned on and off individually.

This might then allow you to create your data entry form with one layout and then you could dynamically create a dynamic form with the required fields in the correct location for printing purposes.

The user has, optionally, the ability to preview, do page setup, etc. - all of the printing options that they would be used to selecting. Or you can turn those off if you don't want them to be able to make changes.

It does include a PDF export function as well with control over the graphics quality, embedded fonts etc.

DevEx hasn't offered demo or trial versions in the past but they do have a 60-day money back guarantee.

Edit: Their VCL Layout Manager would allow you to give them access to change the layouts: http://www.devexpress.com/Products/VCL/ExLayoutControl/

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