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I'm parsing Google's Weather API and, for example, have the following code to parse the current Celsius temperature for the given location:

currentTempC = [[[[[parse nodesForXPath:@"/xml_api_reply/weather/current_conditions/temp_c" error:nil] objectAtIndex:0] attributeForName:@"data"] stringValue] integerValue];

Unfortunately, every once in a while Google does something and the XML location I'm requesting exists but the data inside does not so I can't just error check to see if the XML path exists. I need to check for the existence of a specific object within the XML and if it is missing then fill in some default value or nil.

I've given up on how to do this so I'm hoping someone can give me some help here. I'm using TouchXML FWIW.

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What does "data inside does not?" Are you referring to element content <x>element content</x> or an attribute named data? <x data="abc" /> –  rooftop Mar 26 '12 at 16:05
attribute named data. I'm guessing here, but I believe that's what goes missing. I would just like to say use nil or some default value if an objectAtIndex:0 doesn't exist period (if that's even possible?). –  Donavon Yelton Mar 26 '12 at 16:17

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