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What's the difference between the commands color and colorscheme as used in .vimrc?

Just curious since the for Janus: Vim Distribution uses color, whereas the README for Solarized Colorscheme for Vim uses colorscheme.

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:colo[rscheme] {name}
           Load color scheme {name}.  This searches 'runtimepath'
           for the file "colors/{name}.vim.  The first one that
           is found is loaded.

Abbreviation for colorscheme is color

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I think that VIM tries to use the command that is appropriate. If there is only one command that starts with color (here colorscheme), then it allows to shorten up to the point where it is no more unique. If have tried to use only col, and that fails, because there is another command colder. The last sentence was mostly speculation, so see the comment of @ZyX for the real reason.

So color and colorscheme are the same as long as there is no other command beginning with color.

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Rules here are more complicated for built-in commands: for example, :e is :edit, but there are also sets of commands starting with :echo, :end, :exit command and so on. It is true though for user-defined ones: 1. exact match is prefered. 2. if there is no exact match, only non-ambigious truncations are allowed. – ZyX Mar 26 '12 at 18:52
By the way, :col fails not because there is another command :colder. It fails because you have empty quickfix stack which is explicitely stated in fail message: “E380: At the bottom of quickfix stack”. Non-empty stack is required for :colder command which is executed because :col is an abbreviation for :colder. – ZyX Mar 26 '12 at 18:57
Good research, thank's for the comments. Will update my answer, though. – mliebelt Mar 26 '12 at 18:59
Third is that Bram is very strict in keeping backwards compatibility. :colorscheme -> :color truncation is not a bug and is documented, thus you should expect :color work as :colorscheme in every next vim release no matter whether there are new commands starting with :color. Command with full name :color also won’t be added for backwards compatibility reasons. – ZyX Mar 26 '12 at 19:05

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