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I am trying to configure TFS 2010 reporting and have come accross the following error:

Failed to add Domain\Development account to the TfsWarehouseDataReader role on the Tfs_Warehouse relational database

I have set up reporting service on the machine and have used the NETWORK SERVICE as the service account and the database login and seems to be working OK.

In the Analysis Services and Reports tabs I have specified our domain admin for access to the datastore.

Looking at the database it created Domina\Development as a group (which I assume is correct as this is a group on the domain) but the TfsWarehouseDataReader is not ticked. I manually tick this and try finishing the configuration again and I get the same error.

Been looking all over google and can not find anything, can anyopne help?

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Maybe it's not the perfect solution, but why you didn't just configure SSRS as it should be in the TFS installation guide by Microsoft?

Anyway, for videos on how to install SSRS and to test every steps see this TFS Video guide which has more than 90 videos http://tfs10enterprise.codeplex.com/

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