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I want to add elements to arrays within an object that I access like this to retrieve data.

var event_id = events_data.event_id[i]["0"];
var event_title = events_data.event_title[i]["0"];
var selected_source = events_data.selected_source[i]["0"];
var channel_id = events_data.channel_id[i]["0"];

events_data is an object with elements event_id, event_title, ... That object is created in a php function like this.

$return = array();
$return['event_id'] = $event_id; 
$return['event_title'] = $event_title;
$return['selected_source'] = $selected_source;
$return['channel_id'] = $channel_id;
$return['channel_name'] = $channel_name;
$return['event_site'] = $event_site;
$return['event_url'] = $event_url;
$return['start_date'] = $start_date;
$return['start_time'] = $start_time;
$return['end_date'] = $end_date;
$return['end_time'] = $end_time;
$return['event_notes'] = $event_notes;

echo json_encode($return);


The json object looks like this.



On the javascript side I get the events_data array like this.

    url: "get_events_data.php",
    type: "POST",
    dataType : 'json',
    data: { },
    cache: false,
    async: false,
    success: function (rdata) {
        events_data = rdata;

To add an element to events_data on the javascript side, I check for the index where to add the new element and then add it with splice. But since the data is retrieved with the ["0"] text key for the associative array, I don't know how to specify the splice parameters.

for ( var n=0; n<events_data.event_id.length; n++ ) { 
   if ( current_event_id == events_data.event_id[n]["0"] ) {
       //splice_index = n;              

Specifying the splice index "n" doesn't seem to do it. What should I change?


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it looks like you are mixing up arrays with objects and vice versa. in short, if you want a numerically indexed data structure with guaranteed order, use an array. if you want an associative array with a string as the key (instead of a number), use objects. if you do end up using arrays, you can use push, pop, etc to add and remove items. – jbabey Mar 26 '12 at 16:31
That array is a json encoded object returned from a php function. It works fine. I only want to know how to add an element in the middle of it. If I read the event_title array like this, var event_title = events_data.event_title[i]["0"];, from the events_data object, how do I add an element in the middle of it? – user823527 Mar 26 '12 at 16:35
Showing your JSON would be much more helpful than showing your PHP. – nrabinowitz Mar 26 '12 at 16:37
The original question was edited to add the json object which looks like this: {"event_id":[{"0":"e20120319215556"},{"0":"e20120310221512"},{"0":"e20120319151‌​903"},{"0":"e20120309123705"},{"0":"e20120307122044"},{"0":"e20120306182514"},{"0‌​":"e20120309211714"},{"0":"e20120314130727"},{"0":"e20120319150532"},{"0":"e20120‌​319141928"},{"0":"e20120319141201"},{"0":"e20120301193226"},{"0":"e20120301184354‌​"}]}. – user823527 Mar 29 '12 at 19:48

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Answer was quite simple:

Adding an object to an array of objects with splice

var add_object = {"0",event_id}; // declare event id as object
events_data.event_id.splice(n,0,add_object); // splice object into object array at index
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