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I’m starting to use TeamCity and getting few problems:

I'm trying to create an ssh connection to a unix server(e.g isk-vsrv131)in order to run commands/scripts on the unix server.

I used "Administration->Edit Build Configuration->Edit VCS Root" to configure a new vsc root but as i'm testing the connection i'm getting the following error:

Connection failed! Test connection failed in TestU1 :: test_bc. I/O-Exception: isk-vsrv13 (isk-vsrv13)

i've tried different configurations including the server local ip/full domain/using Private key instead of ssh password - nothing works.

on teamcity-vcs.log is see the following:

[2012-03-26 17:41:33,827]   WARN [on=editVcsRoot ] -      jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Error occurred in test connection
jetbrains.buildServer.vcs.VcsException: I/O-Exception: isk-vsrv13 (isk-vsrv13)
Caused by: isk-vsrv13
  1. How can i fixed that?
  2. I’ve created a "Build Steps" which includes a 'Runner type: Command Line" - how can i connect those to a specific ssh connection?


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It seems server machine where TeamCity is installed cannot resolve host name isk-vsrv13, hence the error. I would try to specify fully qualified name of this host.

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