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Is it possible that if user with a full browser cache comes to my website and some my resources required to be cached (via Cache-Control header), then browser will remove some old (but still valid, i.e. non-expired) items from the cache in order to make it possible to cache my resources? If there is no outdated resources in user's cache, will the browser ignore my cache policy?

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If the cache is full the browser has to find room for new content somewhere.

A sane approach to this would be to

 1) first remove all expired contents.
 2) second remove oldest (based on time since last visit) contents 

But, to be honest with you I have never looked deep into this issue because I find it counter productive to rely on cached contents. Many browsers have a "delete all cache on exit" button. Or the users run programs like CCleaner to remove temporary files. Cache is basically considered temporary files.

I suppose you could try writing a server log analyzer that would determine whether specific resources are being reloaded at a time when companion resources are not being loaded. This would involve separating the header-only call that is used to determine "age" of the resource vs. the full download of the resource. Again mostly speculation since, I don't rely on cache being there AND I don't use cache as a tracking device.

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