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I am using Metaio's Creator to create an AR event and using a model the client purchased from TurboSquid.com. Everytime I try to convert the .3DS file to an .MD2 file I get an error that there are to many polygons.

Is there a program that can automatically convert the .3DS or .OBJ to an .MD2 without lowering the polygon count or automatically taking polygons out without risking the integrity of the model?

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If the model has too many polygons you can import it into a 3DCC-tool like Max, Maya or Blender and use their tools to reduce the polygon-count. For example using Blender 2.49 you can use the PolyReducer-Script, that preserves UV-Coordinates.

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MD2 only supports 4096 polygons inherently. As @0r10n said, you have to reduce the number of polygons to make it working with MD2. For conversion, I had the best experience using the QTip plugin for 3Ds Max here: http://qtipplugin.com/

Very easy to use and very powerful.

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