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We have a simple PHP contact us form that we have setup, which works fine on it's own as can be seen here :


However when implemented into magento through CMS Pages it will not display any other verification other than 0000:


I have directly linked the image.php file to a root folder, this changed it from not displaying an image to displaying 0000.

I believe the issue is in the contact-form.php, I have zipped the entire contact us form as the code was too long to be posted which can be found here :


Thank you very much!


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The problem is that you cannot have PHP code in CMS pages. That link provides several workarounds. I don't know if those solutions will work for you, the session stuff might cause problems.

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I did actually follow this post to get this far: 'So it looks like we can have php code in phtml file and call this file from CMS block. ' –  user994319 Mar 26 '12 at 18:46

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