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So I have the url localhost/parent/admin/news/edit/2 and I want to rewrite it to run localhost/parent/admin/news/edit.php?id=2. A majority of the RewriteRule examples I have looked at (such as this one) used the following to catch a rewrite just after the domain:

RewriteRule    ^products/([0-9]+)/?$    show_a_product.php?product_id=$1    [NC,L]

However, as far as I can tell ^ denotes the start of the string and, since my forward is well beyond the start it won't work. Thus I have come up with the following:

RewriteRule    edit/([0-9]+)$    edit.php?id=$1    [NC,L]

Logically, I feel it should work and I used the RegExr test to try it out and that service agrees. When I add an R flag to forward, however, it seems the rule is pointing the page to localhost/C:/xampp/htdocs/parent/edit.php?id=2, from which I can surmise two problems:

  1. It is forwarding to the file on my computer instead of the localhost server (triggering an Access Forbidden!)
  2. It is cutting out the news/ section all together.

Hopefully someone can help me solve this issue as I've spent a couple hours fooling around with different combinations to no avail.

Edit: I should add that the reason I want to catch edit/# is because there will be multiple sections with an edit/# and I'd like to catch them all with one rule as opposed to writing multiple specific rules for each section.

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Here's what should work:

RewriteRule /parent/admin/news/edit/([0-9]+)$ /parent/admin/news/edit.php?id=$1 [NC,QSA,L].
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