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I'm working on a wizard style form which takes you through a series of tabs and at the end you have the option to cancel or save. A POST is issued between tab changes yet state should not be persisted until Save. Let's say that the backing object is a Book, and in the wizard you can add or remove Pages from the Book. Book is one to many with Page.

The problem is that as the user goes through the wizard, each POST goes back to the controller. In the controller we want the Book to be updated with the form contents so that on the next render the form is updated with the latest state. This is fine for simple attributes such as the Book's title, you set the title on the @book and render the form without saving. When we talk about the Page associations though, when you remove or add Pages to the Book, those reference changes are immediately persisted. For example, when a Page is removed via a Book.delete(x), that change is persisted and cannot be cancelled. Any ideas on how this could be handled without too much hacking?

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If you're only wanting a way to delete pages on a wizard step, one idea is to add a checkbox for pages with the values being the page_id(s) that need to be deleted. Then on your controller enumerate through the array and delete each one. –  nateleavitt Mar 26 '12 at 20:36
I can do that but the problem is that deleting the Page reference from the Book is a persistent action yet the wizard should not persist until the Save button is pressed. I need a good way to get that form to generate with the current state of the book's pages and I was hoping to be able to do it using standard Rails constructs rather than hacking around with the request parameters on each POST... –  Dark Castle Mar 26 '12 at 22:00

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