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could any one help me to resolve this issue.

I'm executing a DTS package on my system from SQL Server Enterprise Manager by connecting to the Database Server (Remote server). The execution completes with the error message

"DTSStep_DTSDataPumpTask_1:Error at Destination for Row number . Errors encountered so far in this task:"

This process try to upload a txt file to the database. The text file can contain some null values in the columns.

But the strange thing is, my collegues/from other systems, I could able to run the same packages. I really got stuck here why its not working on my PC. Here is the environment I'm using.

Environment: Operating System: Windows XP Sp2 SQL SErver: SQL Server 2000 MS SQL Enterprise Manager: Version 8.0

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Perhaps there is a column in this database that is set to not allow nulls?

See also http://support.microsoft.com/kb/228933

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