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I have a table full of items and prices for said items. I would like to grab the SUM of the 3 highest priced items.

I thought perhaps SELECT SUM(items.price) FROM items ORDER BY items.price LIMIT 3 but that does not seem to do the trick. Is this possible? Thanks!

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select sum(price) from (select items.price from items order by items.price desc limit 3) as subt;
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LIMIT affects the number of rows returned by the query and SUM only returns one. Based on this thread you might want to try:

SELECT sum(price) 
      FROM items
      ORDER BY price DESC
      LIMIT 3
) AS subquery;
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Just use a sub-select:

select sum(prices) from (SELECT SUM(items.price) FROM items ORDER BY items.price LIMIT 3) as prices
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Use a subquery or something like that. Just an idea, as I have not tested the actual query.

SELECT SUM(items.price) from (select price FROM items ORDER BY items.price LIMIT 3)
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Right answer except that it seems when I write SUM(items.price) the query fails, but leaving out the table ie. SUM(price) the query works – PotatoFro Mar 26 '12 at 19:04

I haven't tested this and I just wrote it on my memory. You could try something like:

SELECT * AS total FROM items ORDER BY price DESC
SELECT SUM(price) FROM total LIMIT 3;

Edit: I was slow

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