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How to parse JSON in JavaScript

I have this JSON string:

[{"title": "Title1"}, {"title": "Title2"}]

How can I parse it, so that I can get each title?

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var string = '[{"title":"Title1"},{"title":"Title2"}]';

var array = JSON.parse(string);
array.forEach(function(object) {

Note that JSON.parse isn't available in all browsers; use JSON 3 where necessary.

The same goes for ES5 Array#forEach, of course. This is just an example.

If you're using jQuery, you could use $.each to iterate over the array instead. jQuery has a jQuery.parseJSON method, too.

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If you're using jQuery just do:

var myArray = jQuery.parseJSON('[{"title":"Title1"},{"title":"Title2"}]');
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If that's directly in your JS then it works out of the box:

var obj = [{"title":"Title1"},{"title":"Title2"}];
alert(obj[0].title); // "Title1";

If it's received via AJAX:

// obj contains the data
if( typeof JSON != "undefined") obj = JSON.parse(obj);
else obj = eval("("+obj+")");
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Using a for loop, perhaps? :o

for(var i = 0; i < jsonVar.length; i++) {
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Use JSON.parse().

Not all browsers have support for that method, so you can use Douglas Crockford's polyfill. Here:

EDIT: Here's the browser support stats for it:

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With JSON.parse (json2.js will provide a version of that for older browsers).

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Haven't you heard? JSON 3 is the new json2.js. – Sharon Mar 26 '12 at 19:04

Here's an example, using jQuery:

var jsonObj = $.parseJSON('[{"title": "Title1"}, {"title": "Title2"}]');
var title1 = jsonObj[0].title; //Title1
var title2 = jsonObj[1].title; //Title1

​You can see a demo here:

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