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I am using mplayer to play videos... I wanted to know if there are command line options to play a specific interval of a video in mplayer? For example, if I want to play a video file from 56 secs for a duration of 3 secs, then what would the command line options be? I know about the -ss option that will seek to a specific position, but how do I specify the duration that I want to play? Concretely, if I want a command that plays a video file starting at the beginning of the 56th second and plays 3 seconds of the video (i.e., until the beginning of the 59th sec, or equivalently, the end of the 58th sec.), what would the command look like?

I have been looking at the man page, but no success as yet. Maybe I am missing something. I really appreciate your help!

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Isn't there an endpos switch? –  bzlm Mar 26 '12 at 19:09

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man mplayer


-ss <time>: Seek to given time position
-endpos <[[hh:]mm:]ss[.ms]|size[b|kb|mb]>: Stop at given time or byte position

so you should be able to do what you want by simple using:

mplayer -ss 56 -endpos 3
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what if I want to stop at a time point counting from the end? For example, I want to play video from 0:15 to T-0:12, where T is a total play time of the video, it can vary. –  qed Jun 13 at 10:29

On ubuntu, you can install mpv and do the following:

# specify start and length
mpv --start=3:20 --length=10 <file-name>

# specifying end
mpv --start=30 --end=40 <file-name>

# specifying end from end
mpv --start=80 --end=-90 <file-name>

Source: http://xpressrazor.wordpress.com/2014/05/04/using-mpv-to-escape-start-and-end-of-videos-like-in-anime-tv-shows-etc/

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