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Currently whenever the timestamp is echo'ed it looks like this

function show_posts($userid){
$posts = array();
$sql = "select body, stamp from posts where user_id = '$userid' order by stamp desc";
$result = mysql_query($sql);
while($data = mysql_fetch_object($result)){
    $posts[] = array(   'stamp' => $data->stamp, 
                        'userid' => $userid, 
                        'body' => $data->body
return $posts;

i want to take this stamp and change it so instead of printing 2012-03-26 12:07:52 it will print the day followed by the time etc. below is how i show it on my webpage.

        foreach ($posts as $key => $list){
            echo "<tr valign='top'>\n";
            echo "<td>".$list['userid'] ."</td>\n";
            echo "<td>".$list['body'] ."<br/>\n";
            echo "<small>".$list['stamp']."<br/>\n <a>Like</a> <a>Flag</a><hr     class='span9'/></small></td>\n";
            echo "</tr>\n";
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use MySQL DATE_FORMAT() – Dagon Mar 26 '12 at 19:18
use the date(format, timestamp) function for that. More infos regarding the format options and how to use the function: – Daxcode Mar 26 '12 at 19:19
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Use strtotime to convert the string to a timestamp, then use date to format it how you want.

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I vote this up - simplest way to do it, without complicating your MySQL queries. strtotime() will return a unix timestamp which gives you infinite format options. echo date('F d', strtotime($timevarfrommysql)); is an example. – jeffkee Mar 26 '12 at 19:29
thanks for the example, worked great. – arboles Mar 31 '12 at 20:14

Use date_format().

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