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Background: I'm using a DSL for automated UI testing in Ruby called Watir-Webdriver.

I want to write a very re-usable method that passes or fails when a specific HTML element is present. Here is what I have so far:

require 'watir-webdriver'
require 'rspec'

b = Watir::Browser.new

def display_check(element_type,unique_element,expectation) 
 if expectation == "yes"
  b.send(element_type).((:id or :class or :name or :value),/#{Regexp.escape(unique_element)}/).exists?.should == true
  b.send(element_type).((:id or :class or :name or :value),/#{Regexp.escape(unique_element)}/).exists?.should == false

I can understand that "div" in this example is a string passed as a method argument. But in the context of the dsl, "div" (minus the quotes) is also a Watir-webdriver method. So I guess I need to somehow convert the string to an eligible watir-webdriver method

I basically want to do the following to determine if an element exists.


Since I'll be looking for select_lists, divs, radio buttons etc, it would be very useful to specify the element type as an option instead of having it hard coded to the method.

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When you use send, the first parameter is the method name and the following parameters are the parameters to pass to the method. See doc.

So your b.send should be more like:

b.send(element_type, :id, /#{Regexp.escape(unique_element)}/).exists?

To find an element where one of the attributes (id, class, etc) is a certain value, you can try the following. Basically it iterates through each of the attributes until an element is found.

def display_check(b, element_type, unique_element, expectation) 
    element_exists = false
    [:id, :class, :name, :value].each do |attribute|
        if b.send(element_type, attribute, /#{Regexp.escape(unique_element)}/).exists?
            element_exists = true

    if expectation == "yes"
        element_exists.should == true
        element_exists.should == false
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That worked. I guess I misunderstood how the send method works. Big thanks! – Michael M Mar 29 '12 at 2:38

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