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Today I got my new PC (win 7, 32 bit) and installed Vincelt Goulets Emacs. The only other thing I did was updating org-mode.

Now, I am stuck with auto-fill-mode on every time I start emacs new, which I hate. I would like to turn auto-fill-mode off, for now and forever. I even deleted my .emacs file but auto-fill-mode was still turned on.

The only solution that worked was (a) a nasty workaround or (b) always typing M-x auto-fill-mode everytime I start emacs anew.

I would be really happy to hear any solutions.

To be clear, the only thing the current .emacs file contains is: '(inhibit-startup-screen t)

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Add to your .emacs,

(auto-fill-mode -1)

If there are hooks for specific modes, you will need to zap those as well. My suspicion is that you do not actually have auto-fill-mode on by default in all modes, but with the information you have supplied, at least this should be a starting point.

A reasonable safeguard would be to also disable auto-fill mode from `text-mode-hook':

(remove-hook 'text-mode-hook #'turn-on-auto-fill)

You may need something similar for other modes as well.

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The text-mode-hook made the trick. Unfortunately just turning auto-fill-mode off did not work. So the Vincent Goulet emacs automatically loads auto-fill via text-mode. Thanks a lot. –  Henrik Mar 26 '12 at 21:47
You can also modify this by using M-x customize-variable, text-mode-hook. Uncheck it, be sure to click "save for future sessions". –  Tim Harper Sep 13 '12 at 23:31

Assuming that he has not made fundamental changes, you have several paths:

You can just turn off the mode globally in your .emacs file:

;; ...or (auto-fill-mode -1)

Since Emacs of that vintage also turns on auto-fill for text-mode, add:

(remove-hook 'text-mode-hook 'turn-on-auto-fill)

That should account for all the default places, but check the major mode hooks if you have other modes enabling this automatically.

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