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I am trying to create an struct-array. I used the example provided by @JonSkeet found in this SO post to create the example below:

 public class JonSkeetClass

        public struct ReportDetails
           private readonly int indexd;
           private readonly string name;

            public ReportDetails(int indexd, string name)
                this.indexd = indexd;
                this.name = name;

            public int Indexd { get { return indexd; } }
            public string Name { get { return name; } }

        static readonly IList<ReportDetails> MyArray = new ReadOnlyCollection<ReportDetails>

            new ReportDetails(0, "Daily Unload Counts by Group"),
                    new ReportDetails(1,"Daily Unloads")        


      public statis IList<ReportDetails> GetMyArray
        get{ return MyArray;  }


I am now unsure how to use this class in my code as the MyArray IList is not exposing any methods or properties.

Update1: Code sample above has been updated with the suggestion from @Adrian.

To initialize:

IList<JonSkeetClass.ReportDetails> MyArray = JonSkeetClass.GetMyArray;
MessageBox.Show( MyArray[0].Name.ToString());
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You need to expose it via a public method

/*public*/ class JonSkeetClass  /*the visibility of this class depends on where you'll be using it*/
         public struct ReportDetails /*this needs to be public also (or internal)*/
         public static  IList<ReportDetails> GetMyArray
                return MyArray;



You can't access MyArray field outside the class because is a private member. This means you need to add a public property which exposes this field.

To access MyArray[0].Name, call


edit 2

Actually you don't need an extra property, since the collection is readonly, also the items, make that field public, that's it

public static readonly IList<ReportDetails> MyArray ...
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Thanks. That makes the class visible within the program but how do I now call the values? I was thinking it would be MyArray[0].Name. –  John M Mar 26 '12 at 20:00
@JohnM, see my update –  Adrian Iftode Mar 26 '12 at 20:07
Thanks - I have updated my example. –  John M Mar 26 '12 at 20:12
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