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In Windows Seven, I'm aware of the "Default Programs" dialog in Control Panel, which lets me associate pre-defined extensions with programs. However, I need to add an association for a file extension that isn't in the list. In WinXP, I'm pretty sure I could add entries to the list, but that doesn't appear to be immediately available in Windows Seven.

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If you select a file with the desired extension in Explorer and click on it, a dialog box pops up that lets you select a program from a list. Click that. Then you can CLick on "Browse..." and select the program you want the file to be opened with. I have not tried, but you might be able to change it through the Default Programs afterwards.

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That led me to it. I forgot about the "Always use the selected program ..." checkbox. –  David M. Karr Mar 26 '12 at 20:29

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