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I use Paypal Mobile Payments Library for my payments at the Android. For verification i use IPN

When i do buying from web application or use IPN Simulator i receive good purchase and status "VERIFED" for it. But when i receive callback after buying from my Android i receive status "INVALID" though at the client purchase is completed and money move from buyer to marchant.

For purchase from my web application and IPN Simulator i have similar parameters such as: http://ompldr.org/vZDVxdw

But for mobile purchase i have some strange parameters as: http://ompldr.org/vZDVxeQ

Where can i got parameters payment_request_date, fees_payer, ipn_notification_url etc from? Where cam i have got any mistake?

Thank you.

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It is a bad callback (IPN) from Paypal. It include false parameters. I think there is some problem with setIpnUrl(String IPNURL) for the Android.

I try to use static IPN URL set in the Profile in the seller Accaunt and it have started to work for me!

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