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I've run into some code in config.php in a php codeingniter app running on a Zend server which checks for the existence of a different file, configx.php. If it's there, it includes it, otherwise it executes the code within itself. It looks like this:

if (file_exists('/opt/myapp/configx.php')) {
    include '/opt/myapp/configx.php';
} else {
.... normal config code 

(configx.php doesn't include the check for configx.php)

When I try to run the app (I've tried chrome and firefox) it doesn't recognize that the file needs to be interpreted and instead tries to download it. The file type is:


This is handled in zend.conf:

AddHandler zend-enabler-script .php 
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php   

But isn't mentioned in httpd.conf.

What's the best way to include this file? Is it a unix/windows problem?

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include is a PHP directive and is independent of the Web server software. It shouldn't cause Apache to try to force download a file unless it has specific code in it to do so. Does the same thing happen when you comment the include? –  drew010 Mar 27 '12 at 3:22

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There are likely syntax errors. You can check by running:

php -l /opt/myapp/configx.php
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