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I'm having an issue being able to focus on any form input that's within an info window in a google maps application I'm developing that needs to be bother accessible with a typical browser and mobile browser via website.

So, in a typical pc browser, when an info pops up, and I populate it's content with a form, it functions as it should. But the same thing on a mobile browser, I am unable to click on the fields of the form within the info window at all?

Any ideas? I still have no idea what the problem is after extensive fiddling. I originally thought it was a z-index issue or something along those lines, but no luck!

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Some code, or preferably a URL to stuff you've tried, would be useful. – Andrew Leach Mar 26 '12 at 20:38

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I came across the same problem and solved it by stopping event propagation on mousedown events. Using jQuery this amounts to:

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