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I'm trying to query by iteration but our iteration names have special characters (e.g. "Sprint - 01 (Mar 26, 2012 to Apr 02, 2012)").

Cannot parse object reference from "Sprint - 01 (Mar 26, 2012 to Apr 02, 2012)""

If I add brackets around it all (e.g. '(Iteration = ' + '\"Sprint - 01 (Mar 26, 2012 to Apr 02, 2012)\")'

Could not parse: Unknown operator ")"

How do I properly handle a value with these characters?

function itemQuery() {
  var queryObject = {
key: 'tasks',
type: 'task',
query: rally.sdk.util.Query.and(['State = "Completed"', 'TaskType = "Development"', 'Iteration = ' + '\"Sprint - 01 (Mar 26, 2012 to Apr 02, 2012)\"']),
fetch: 'FormattedID,Name,Owner,Estimate,Actuals'};

  rallyDataSource.findAll(queryObject, populateTable);
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The problem isn't the special characters but rather the query itself. When using the = operator for objects like iterations, it is expecting a ref, such as /iteration/1234.js.

Instead, you can query via the iteration's name with:

query: rally.sdk.util.Query.and([
    'State = "Completed"', 
    'TaskType = "Development"', 
    'Iteration.Name = ' + '\"Sprint - 01 (Mar 26, 2012 to Apr 02, 2012)\"'

The difference is the addition of ".Name" after iteration. Since the name is in quotations, the special characters can already make it into the web services without issue.

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I've noticed that if I have "+" inside the iteration.Name the query doesnt get processed correctly. e.g., iteration name is "My-iteration1.0+". Did anyone else also observe this issue? – hariszhr Nov 29 '13 at 16:57
This worked for me when looking for tags. I used (Tags.name contains "something") and got what I wanted. Thanks! – newz2000 Apr 8 at 15:17

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