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I am using three tables and I am trying to calculate discounted price by using this.

(Price.price - ccons.discountPrice - mcons.discountPrice) "Discount Price"

However, when one of value is null, Discount price displays "NULL". How can I resolve it? Can I declare NULL value is saying "0"? Or do you have any idea for this calculation?

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Price.price - NVL(ccons.discountPrice, 0) - NVL(mcons.discountPrice, 0)
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Thank you. This was easy function :) thank you! –  wholee1 Mar 26 '12 at 20:58

Most likely, you just want to wrap all three components in NVL functions, i.e.

nvl(Price.price,0) - 
  nvl(ccons.discountPrice,0) - 
  nvl(mcons.discountPrice,0) "Discount Price"

If some of those columns are declared to be NOT NULL (it would seem unlikely that Price.price could legitimately be NULL), you wouldn't need to NVL those columns.

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I am doing Oracle first time, and I did not know that. Thank you! –  wholee1 Mar 26 '12 at 20:58

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