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I have a Dell desktop computer with 4 gigabytes of RAM, a 2.0 gigahertz intel Pentium dual core CPU and a 250 Gigabyte hard drive that I recently installed Ubuntu Server 11.10 on, and I have been researching how I can actually start hosting web sites on it. I have been able to connect to a router and display PHP pages over it, but right now I don't think that it is externally accessible. I believe that part of this problem might be DNS, but I am slightly confused as to how I could set this up. From the tutorials I have read, it seems like I can just tell the server to listen for calls to a certain domain name on a specified DNS server, so I shouldn't need to tell the server where my computer is.

Basically, I need to know how to set up a home server to be accessible on the internet. I apologize for any major errors I might have made, and I hope you will be understanding, since I am by no means a computer expert, and have received no formal education on the subject.

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I use a LAMP server which you are well on the way to having. LAMP is an acronym for linux (Operating System), Apache (Web Server that serves up your pages and runs on port 80 by default), MySql (Database), and PHP (Web Scripting language to create web pages).

What you need is a domain that will point to your home router. Every router has an "External IP address." This is the address that is visible to the rest of the world. You can find it by typing in a browser on any machine that is connected to your local network.

Once you have that ip address, you need to register the domain name at a place like godaddy.com or a free trial from http://dyn.com/dns/ just to get your feet wet. You will set the domain to forward all requests to your routers external ip.

Once that is done, set up port forwarding to port 80 at your server's ip address.

This is just a quick description and not a step by step. It is meant to get you thinking about the process the proper way.

Good luck.


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