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Given that googling showed absolutely no hits I think I know the answer to this question (which is "no you can't do that") but just to be sure...

I used svn dump to backup a subversion repository. Now I want to do an svn load on a different server with a new install of subversion of that backup. But the catch is...I only want to restore a specific branch not the whole repository.

Is that possible with svn load or some other tool?

I already found this SO question...

How do i dump a specific subversion path from a berkeley db?

This accomplishes the same goal (and I can definitely do that if all else fails but I am trying to save some time). With that post you dump only what you need and then do a straight up Load. I want to only load what I need from a full dump.

Thanks for your feedback. But I am still not getting it.

  • I have a dump file located at e:\svnBackups\repoBackup.svn
  • I have all of my new repos at e:\Repositories
  • I want to only restore a single branch of e:\svnBackups\repoBackup.svn.
  • The branch I want to restore is at productionRepo/Projects/Branches/MyCoolBranch in the backup.
  • I want the new repo (on a new server) at e:\Repositories\newRepo

Using this information, what command line command do I type to make it happen?


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Looking at your edit. Are you saying that you want to restore that one branch into a CURRENT that already contains the other branches, plus the trunk, and the tags? – David W. Mar 27 '12 at 20:49

Um... wouldn't

svndumpfilter include BRANCH_PATH DUMP_FILE | svnadmin load REPOSITORY

do this, or am I misreading the question somehow?

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Yes...you are mis-reading the question. I have a FULL DUMP and want to only load a BRANCH. Seth – Seth Spearman Mar 26 '12 at 20:57
Um, okay. But if you have a full dump, svndumpfilter can be used like above to filter out the revisions that don't involve the branch you want... and then that's piped into load, which should give you a repo with only that one branch. But if you need to load that branch as if it was trunk, then you'll also have to write something to rewrite the paths in the filtered dump... – AKX Mar 26 '12 at 21:00
OK...let me research svndumpfilter...maybe that will do it? Seth – Seth Spearman Mar 26 '12 at 21:04
AKX...I have edited my question...do you think you could take a look? – Seth Spearman Mar 27 '12 at 18:57

svndumpfilter will allow you to only keep that one branch just as AKX pointed out. In fact, you can do it in one go:

$ svnadmin dump $old_repos | svndumpfilter include $branch_path \
   | svnadmin load --force-uuid $new_repos

The only issue is that branch will be a branch, and you'll have no trunk or tags. Of course, you can simply rename the branch to trunk.

You might be able to use the svnadmin load --parent-dir to move your branch to the trunk during the load. You'll have to experiment with it.

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