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Is there a defined constant somewhere in MFC that is the standard define for the File->Exit menu command? I'm trying to determine if a command is that one, but I've only got a WPARAM to work with.

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If you have wParam, you have a message. Which message is it? WM_QUIT? –  Flot2011 Mar 26 '12 at 21:06

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The APP_EXIT (57665 or 0xE141) is sent on command to the message map declared in appcore.cpp (or if you override it in your CWinApp derived class);


In turn, OnAppExit sends a WM_CLOSE message to the main window in CWinApp:

void CWinApp::OnAppExit()
  // same as double-clicking on main window close box
  ASSERT(m_pMainWnd != NULL);

That's how your application ends in MFC, no WM_QUIT.

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