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In clear case terminology, what is the difference between integration stream and integration view? Development stream and development view?

More specifically, why "joining an UCM project" involves creating both integration and development views?

join UCM project dialog

If I am a developer, not an integrator, should only one view be enough?

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@VonC See, that's much better, as it shows something much more concrete (and we have to make these judgement calls across all the technologies represented on SO) which makes it an easier call to reopen. –  casperOne Mar 27 '12 at 19:56
@casperOne: no problem. I am so used to that question in my training sessions I give regularly on UCM that I didn't take the time to "translate" Kaushik's question into a more complete version. Thank you for reminding me of my duties here on SO ;) –  VonC Mar 27 '12 at 19:59

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Integration is a term used by convention to designate the first root stream of an UCM project.
Each UCM project has one root stream (and potentially many sub-streams).
The idea is that you will use your integration view as the destination view for deliver coming from sub-streams, effectively "integrated" the work done on said sub-streams on that integration view.

Integration Stream
(Froml Stream hierarchy)

Any sub-stream is called by convention a "development" Stream, in that it represents the "configuration" (ie what you need to work) for your current "development effort".

A Stream is a configuration.
An UCM view is a ClearCase view with a config spec done automatically for you following the configuration of the Stream (instead of writing those selection rules manually).

The integration view is a view with the Integration Stream as reference.
A Development view is a view with a development Stream as reference.

The main idea behind this hierarchy of streams is to visualize your merge workflow (ie: once you have finished a work on a branch 'B', where do you need to merge said work?)

merge workflow

  • merge from a sub-stream to a parent stream: deliver
  • merge from a parent stream to an immediate child stream: rebase
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