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I want to have two different jQuery UI accordion menus on the same page, but I want them to have different themes. Is this possible?

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Absolutely. The jQuery UI CSS Framework has a robust and complete theming solution. Just give your accordions separate CSS classes - jQuery UI classes are semantic in nature - and off you go! Let me know if you'd like an example.

EDIT: There are many different ways to do this, depending on what your needs are. See the bottom part of this page for more information on how to use theme-ing with the accordion

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According to the article Using Multiple jQuery UI Themes on a Single Page from the Filament Group, it is possible to provide a CSS Scope when a theme is downloaded that will allow you to specify use of alternate themes on a single page. There is also a link to a demo page.

Disclaimer: I have not tried doing this myself, but it does look promising.

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