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I have a dump from hprof that I'm viewing in Eclipse Memory Analyzer.

My hprof shows a particular object that's taking up significantly more memory than I expect. I'm trying to figure out WHICH bitmap this is.

It turns out that I appear to be able to save the complete dump of the bitmap to a file:

enter image description here

The resulting file on the filesystem is the full 2,915,840 bytes, so it appears to include all of the bitmap data I should theoretically need in order to view the file. However, I can't tell what format it's in, or how to convert it.

The output of file and identify is not particularly illuminating:

$ file /Users/mike/Desktop/foo.bmp
/Users/mike/Desktop/foo.bmp: data

$ identify /Users/mike/Desktop/foo.bmp 
identify: improper image header `/Users/mike/Desktop/foo.bmp' @ error/bmp.c/ReadBMPImage/590.

My question is, what do I need to do in order to view the resulting file (included here) on my mac?

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I think it appears to be DIB section of bitmap, I'm not familiar with a tool for mac to see a DIB, but you can try to google for it.

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The answer appears to be here: MAT (Eclipse Memory Analyzer) - how to view bitmaps from memory dump

However, I had some difficulty getting it to work.

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