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I've searched and searched, and because the "@" symbol is used in strings (ex: @"mystring") in iOS, I cannot find how to determine whether a string contains it. Once I determine if it contains it, I need to know its location within the string.

NSArray *array_Email_Parts = [str_Email_Address componentsSeparatedByString: @"//@"];

The above doesn't work. I've tried several variations of it. Any suggestions?

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You can escape special characters with a backslash, so maybe try @"\@" –  appclay Mar 26 '12 at 22:40
possible duplicate of NSString indexOf in Objective-C –  user166390 Mar 26 '12 at 22:47

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This will get the index of the @ symbol.

NSString *email = @"user@example.com";
NSRange range = [email rangeOfString:@"@"];
if (range.location != NSNotFound) {
    NSLog(@"Location of @ is %i", range.location);
    // Prints "Location of @ is 4"

Note that @ is perfectly valid within an NSString, don't escape it.

NSArray *parts = [email componentsSeparatedByString:@"@"];
if ([parts count] == 2) {
    NSString *user = [parts objectAtIndex:0];   // equal to "user"
    NSString *domain = [parts objectAtIndex:1]; // equal to "example.com"
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I don't really get what you are actually asking but i think you're looking for this:

if ([myString rangeOfString:@"@"].location != NSNotFound)
    //myString contains @
    //myString does not contain @

If you are having trouble with the @ in the string try @@

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