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I have 2 codeigniter installations, 1 on mydomain.com another on sub.mydomain.com

I am trying to get sub.mydomain.com to be able to access the CI session created by mydomain.com. I have edited the cookie section of both config files to

$config['cookie_prefix']    = "";
$config['cookie_domain']    = ".mydomain.com";
$config['cookie_path']      = "/";
$config['cookie_secure']    = FALSE;

Now if I go to mydomain.com setting the session and then go to sub.mydomain.com it seems to overwrite the session with a new one rather than being able to read from the existing session.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks a lot! Martin

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Do you have same $config['cookie_domain'] = ".mydomain.com"; on both configuration ? –  safarov Mar 27 '12 at 5:33

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This was driving me crazy for hours but the solution (as usual) was simple. I had forgotten to make sure


was the same for both applications!

Working great now

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I'm using alias so encryption_key is 100% the same, but I have the same issue: stackoverflow.com/questions/18853783/… –  Yevgen Sep 17 '13 at 15:36

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