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Trying to save htmlText from a RichTextEditor back to an Oracle database. From what I've gathered searching all afternoon, I shouldn't need to change my database type from a varchar2 to a blob, but I do need to change something in the Flex/Java side to persist the htmlText to the database, right? I found a couple of posts on a few different blogs talking about passing htmlText back and forth, but it wasn't with a database, it was just through a string array.

Currently I have a RichTextEditor on my UI, however it only saves plain text to my backend. What would need to be added or changed to convert that to htmlText? Do I need to use the TextConverter and cast the result to a string and then save that?



Edit. Here is the code

Here is my rich text box code

<mx:RichTextEditor id="messageText" width="750" height="225"
                               change="{modelLocator.notification.message.message = messageText.text; validateChange()}"

I'm not sure how or if I need to convert the text that is coming out of the htmlText and going into my message.text string. I will spend some more time buried in this Flex 4 in Action book and see if I can find anything helpful.

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Can you post some of the code you've already tried? It might help us see what could be wrong. – Jason Towne Mar 26 '12 at 23:18
I've used the debugger and inspected htmlText and can see that it is formatted with all the <html> tags, why is that not going into my message text? – idonaldson Mar 27 '12 at 22:08

Please see the source code of your Rich Text Editor (Little Bit):

Source Code | Demo of Rich Text Editor

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