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Yesterday, after a minor markup edit to an aspx page, I was checking the file(s) back into TFS 2005 when I got the message that, "The file encoding has changed from ANSI to UTF-8. Checking the file in with this encoding will cause problems with Compares, etc." or words to that effect.

Helpfully, the dialog gave the options 'OK' and 'Help' -- effectively forcing me to check-in with the 'bad' change.

My question is, how did this occur? I have not changed any settings in VSTS to cause this (that I know about).

Thanks for any help -- Jon

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Heh, guerilla future proofing. –  Svante Jun 12 '09 at 18:37

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That's typically happened to me when I've been working with an offshore team. VS uses your local setting whenever you update something so you'll see this if someone else uses a different encoding pretty much always.

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Not a consideration in this case, but thanks. –  jdharley Jun 15 '09 at 16:44

Is it possible that you were using a different editor on the file than the one that created it? Your editor may default to saving files in UTF-8 rather than ISO-8859-1/etc.

If this is the case, check your editor settings and change the default file encoding to the one used in the majority of your project.

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I have been unable to find such a setting in any environment that might have been involved; even accidentally. Thanks for the pointer. –  jdharley Jun 15 '09 at 16:45

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