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i m working on a azure asp.net website. i m using microsoft identity foundation in azure for authentication using the live id.

when i open a form and enter some data, and leave it for some time, then the page tries to authenticate after 3-4 minutes in the background.

CanI avoid this using settings in web.config?

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Well, by default it's going to obey the lifetime specified in the security token (i.e. ValidFrom/ValidTo). So if the IP has given you a token with a short validity lifespan then you have no choice but to request a new one after that window has expired. The only other way to affect this is to make it short either by configuring <sessionTimeoutTokenRequirement lifetime="...timespan..." /> or via custom logic in the SessionSecurityToken[Created|Received] event handlers of the SessionAuthenticationModule. Again, this is only something the RP does to shorten the lifetime... it can't ever extend it beyond the original window from the IP.

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