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On this page: http://www.colorz.fr/#!/work/

You can see the image scrolls into/out of the direction where the mouse enters and leaves. How is this done?

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You can get the x/y coordinates of the cursor when the mouseleave event fires for the element:

$('#my-element').on('mouseleave', function (event) {

    //check to see what quadrant of the element the mouse has left the element
    //you could get a lot more complex than this but here's an example to get you going
    if (event.offsetX > 50 && event.offsetY > 50) {
    } else if (event.offsetX > 50 && event.offsetY <= 50) {
    } else if (event.offsetX <= 50 && event.offsetY <= 50) {
    } else {

Here is a demo: http://jsfiddle.net/bKVwR/1/

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Due to the mouseout event and the screenX/screenY/clientX/clientY properties it is possible to calculate the direction with simple trigonomics.

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It's only responding to vertical and horizontal directions. If you try diagonal pictures, it doesn't work. So based on that, I think you can use mousemove event to give you x and y displacements. If x displace is larger than y, that means user is moving horizontally and vice-versa.

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