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If a marker is clicked near the top of the map viewport, the infowindow loads outside the viewable area and the map must be dragged to see infowindow content.

Ideally I don't want the map to auto pan. Is there a way to load the infowindow in a different direction, e.g. if the marker is at the top of the viewport to display the infowindow in a downward direction.

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Are you referring to Google's default info window or a custom info window? –  Erik Philips Mar 27 '12 at 2:52

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There is an example in the Google Maps JavaScript API v3 Demo Gallery named the SmartInfoWindow that does exactly what you are describing. Check into the underlying code and that should get you going in the right direction.

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No, you can't open google's default infowindows in a different direction since you don't implement your own infowindow class. But you can disable auto-pannnig simply passing TRUE to disableAutoPan property of InfoWindowOptions object like documentation said.

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