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Right now I am facing a severe challenge in front of me. This probably is a question seasoned drupal or symfony users can solve and hopefully there are plenty out here.

The issue:

We have 2 sites one in symfony and one in drupal. Symfony uses the same set of users that have registered with the Drupal database. I imported these users into my Symfony database [along with the hashed passwords]

Drupal has a hash function to store users passwords into databases. These can be found in detail here:


Basically a password.inc file that has a set of functions, beginning from user_hash_password are called and then eventually the hash is generated.

So everytime my user logs into the symfony website, the password parameter need to be hashed so that I can compare it to the hashed passwords stored in the database.

To work around this, this is what I did:

I copied password.inc file [drupal includes] and created a password.class.php file [symfony]. The password.class.php file obviously has some modifications to it, which are: i) it is now a class, with public functions ii) all inner function calls are carried out like : $this->function() instead of simply function() which is how Drupal does it.

I stored it in my sfproject/lib folder. The autoload mechanism works fine and this class seems to register. In my loginSubmit action, I do $hashedpassword = new password() ; $hashedpassword->user_hash_password($request->getParameter('password'), $count_log2=0) [remember this is the drupal password.inc file function]

Now the hashed password is returned. But each time the hashed password is returned, it is new and it does not match the hashed passwords stored in the database.

Could anyone know where I am screwing up here?

Your advice is much appreciated. I know this is almost nasty, but hopefully one of you guys is suppppeeerrrrr smarrrrrt!

Thanks all

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Did you check this bundle github.com/ekino/EkinoDrupalBundle for Symfony2? (just to know how it works) –  j0k Mar 27 '12 at 6:21
using symfony 1.4...I cracked this though, will post solution soon ..thanks! –  user1020069 Mar 27 '12 at 18:44

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