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My site has a few issues.www.vickiyoga.net.

Probably the most egregious is how the two images in the header flow when the screen size is made smaller.

I coded this by hand - should I give in and use wordpress???

In my previous life I was a mainframe programmer so I thought I would be able to put something decent together.

However my site is really missing a professional polish. Lots of folks are encouraging wordpress but I've hesitated because I wanted to keep things simple. And I find that a lot of the wordpress sites start looking very similar.

Are there some simple suggestions that would give the site a better look?

I'm considering wordpress because I need to add two forms. Would be a subscription form. The second would be a subscription form but would automatically generate an email to be sent. And I will probably add a blog at some point.

Also would you recommend any html/css sites/forums that might help with the polishing?

Too many questions in one post - but based on some previous experience with joomla I know that initial foray into wordpress will be a time sync and will be a loss of the work I have already done.

Thank. Vicki

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Actually Joomla is a mess, Wordpress is a step in the right direction from Joomla. shiver –  Kyle Sevenoaks Mar 27 '12 at 7:01
Joomla is not the issue, it is because of the template. Even if i think Joomla is more powerful, Wordpress should be more suited to your needs. –  Kevin PFEFER Mar 27 '12 at 8:38

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