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I am putting together a design document for a project, and I have some pseudocode that I have written but I believe needs to be optimized to greatly reduce execution time. I have yet to choose the particular language the implementation will be done in. I had initially wanted to do this in C++ but given my limited exposure to C++ libraries that do about the same as ADO.NET, I am leaning towards NET but, we'll see.

Below is the code, Any help optimizing this will be greatly appreciated.

Queue ResponseQueue = new Queue()

For Each TableRequest request in RequestQueue
    'Create an Array the size = to the Number of columns in the Table
    List<Object> container = new List()
    For Each Column in request.Columns 
                          ArrayOfObjects = TypeProxy.GENERATE(request.rowCount)
    If container.size > 0  
            For int  i = 0 to ( container.size -1)' iterate through all the arrays container generated data for the various columns of the table
                ' combine the information into statements ready for execution 
                For Each Object a  in container     
                    'obtain the value at the current position in the lists 
                    value = a[i] 
                    commadelimitedrowValues += value + ","

                commadelimitedrowValues --  'remove last comma
              TableResponse response = new TableResponse(request,  commadelimitedrowValues)
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What performance analysis have you done so far, and where are your performance concerns? –  Eric J. Mar 27 '12 at 3:44
You should try to put in natural language what you want to do instead of this abstract crazy pseudo code. e.g. - what does "TypeProxy.GENERATE(request.rowCount)" mean? –  darlinton Mar 27 '12 at 21:22
I am still working on the design document. We want to ensure we get it right during design. –  Kobojunkie Apr 2 '12 at 17:20

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I believe needs to be optimized to greatly reduce execution time

Fallacy. Seriously. If I read this right, you generate a SQL script here. Whatever microseconds you blow o nbad code there is totally irelevant compared to the SQL Server execution time.

Program it, put it into a stress test with a profiler to rule out stupidities in implementation and you are set.

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