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I'm installing a Mercurial server for managing source code and found RhodeCode. It's quite good for me. However, I'd like to have a feature which is similar to Google Code, in which a user can generate an authentication code for accessing source control from Mercurial client. Is there any other Mercurial server can do that or is there any built-in feature of RhodeCode that I didn't know?


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rhodecode has the concept of an api key. While the api key cannot be used in a stock url of the form https://user:password@host.com/path/to/repo, I have written a patch that allows it to be used in this manner (and even regenerated). I intend to send the patch to the author soon, so I will update this question if I have any more news. –  Blaskovicz May 4 '12 at 22:53
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No, that feature doesn't exist currently: neither RhodeCode nor hgweb supports it.

The closest to this is probably RhodeCode's support for an API key. The key is private for a given user, but using the key it's possible to trigger events in RhodeCode from scripts. It wont let you run

hg clone http://hg.server/foo?key=123

so it's not exactly what you want. I'm sure RhodeCode could be extended to do it, though, as can hgweb. I do Mercurial consulting and you're welcome to get in touch with me if this feature is important to you.

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