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I wanted to know is there any seperate installer of VB6.0 for 64-bit machine or it will always acts a 32-bit activeX dll each time or is there any by which we can create x64-bit activeX component????

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The VB6 runtime is supported on 64-bit Windows. But it will always be 32-bit.

Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files are 32-bit. These files ship in 64-bit Windows Operating Systems... 32-bit VB6 applications and components are supported in the WOW emulation environment only. 32-bit components must also be hosted in 32-bit application processes.

The VB6 IDE is not supported on 64-bit Windows but many people use it without problems. Although you can only build 32-bit apps.

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You can install VB6 on a 64 bit machine (my windows 7 box has it installed) but it will run as a 32 bit application (there is no 64 bit version of it)

ActiveX is based on the COM architecture and this will only ever be 32 bit

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There is no VB 6 for 64-bit AFAIK You can probably implement 64-bit active-X controls with VB.Net.

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