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Any suggestions for having multiple values in Struts2 resource messages as example

global.names=First Name#MiddleName#Last Name

<td><s:text  name="(global.names).split(\"#\")[0]"></td>

Is this possible or any other Bright ideas

This reduces the no of additional key/values each in separate row

with regards Karthik

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Waste of time and energy, plus you'd have to split it each time, or create a bunch of local variables if you only split it once, or loop over them, or...

Follow the normal Java property file conventions. You're trying to optimize something that doesn't need to be optimized. Organize using hierarchical names and use a decent property file editor instead.

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below code is to set value in "string" variable '<'c:set var="string" value="'<'bean:message key="global.names" /'>'"/>

below code is to print the split of "string" variable. '<'c:out value="${fn:split(string, '# ')}"/'>'

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Hi objective is to reduce the pairs in message resource to be used in Struts2.If to display on a Jsp page a standard set of 2 values.Be to set the pair in message resource global.fname=First Name global.mname=Middle Name <td><s:text name="global.fname" /></td> <td><s:text name="global.mname" /></td> Same could be reduced to 1 Message using split which would reduce the no of key values declaration in message resource of web application global.names=First Name#Middle Name <td><s:text name="(global.names).split(\"#\")[0]"></td> <td><s:text name="(global.names).split(\"#\")[1]"></td> – N.S.Karthik Mar 27 '12 at 11:35

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