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My orginal code is:

<Button Click="DelClick" ClickMode="Release"></Button>

The click event is ok

But when I add an image to the button, the click event doen't work any more

<Button Click="DelClick" ClickMode="Release">
        <Image Source="/BackSpaceIcon.png"/>

I also try another solution but it doesn't work at all

            <Image Source="/BackSpaceIcon.png" KeyDown="DeleteButtonClick"/>
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Couldn't reproduce your questions - after adding image to button it's click event is still called, so the error might be somewhere else.

There may be a situation where your click event doesn't bubble up the control hierarchy and gets handled somewhere else. You could try adding MouseLeftButtonUp event on Image instead, but I strongly advise looking what else could've hindered the code.

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Thanks, but it still doesn't work. :( I thing there something wrong in my code. I'll try to find out –  Vinh Mar 27 '12 at 5:51

I suspect the problem might come from the style of your Button control.

If you did not provide a transparent background for your top level panel inside your style, and when you click on the gap between the border of the Button and the Image, the Click event won't fire.

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