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I got some issue working with UINavigationalControllers for iPad.

Issue :

UINavigationController1 UINavigationController2

Placed in UIViewController.

When the event happened in UINavigationController1....the action should be taken in UINavigationController2

Something like this..... When Click happened on UITableViewCell in UINavigationController1, the transition between view should be done in UINavigationController2

Need some suggestion how to handle this ...

Thanks in advance

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You can use delegate for the same. Create custom delegate for view controller and handle action. May it help you. – Mangesh Mar 27 '12 at 6:06

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You should use delegation to do this

add this in the .h of ViewController1 above the @implementation

@protocol ViewController1Delegate;

and then this below the @end

@protocol ViewController1Delegate <NSObject>

- (void)viewController1:(id)controller didDoAction;


then declare a property of type ViewController1Delegate in the controller

@property (nonatomic, assign) id <ViewController1Delegate> delegate;

then add this to the .m of ViewController1

@synthesize delegate;

and on the action call the delegate method

if ([self.delegate respondsToSelector:@selector(viewController1:didDoAction)]) {
    [self.delegate performSelector:@selector(viewController1:didDoAction) withObject:self];

Now when on ViewController2 .h impot ViewController1.h

#import ViewController1.h

Now when on ViewController2 .h listen for the delegate like this

@interface ViewController2 : UIViewController <ViewController1Delegate>

and then in the .m implement the method

- (void)viewController1:controller didDoAction

when the view controllers are instantiated one needs to set the delegate for viewController1 to viewController2 like this

viewController1 = [ViewController1 new];
viewController2 = [ViewController2 new];
viewController1.delegate = viewController2
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