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I have a custom NSTextField sub-class with a custom drawRect: implementation.

The text field is part of a view inside a table cell. I programmatically bind the fontBold property of the text field.

The problem is that I have to recalculate a few things when the fontBold binding changes, but I can't figure out how to get notified when that happens.

I tried adding an observer, but that is not called. There does not seem to be a setFontBold:(BOOL) method that I could overwrite in NSTextField.

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I think I figured it out:

There really is no fontBold property. I think what happens under the hood is that the binding is transformed by a value transformer into an NSFont object and what actually changes is the font attribute of NSTextField (I confirmed that setFont: is called when the fontBold binding changes). Phew, 4 hours of my life gone.

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